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Hi dear people! today I decided i want to make a back to uni 2015 I actually started on Augsut and I know I am a huge procrastinator who decided to show up until today but believe me I hardly ever have time to do something but study, and it is been a difficult time, never thought university could be this hard!
So far i have discovered what i like and what not about uni learnt some few tips to study , favourite subjects  or even kind of teachers I have had, so here I want to share with you some of my essentials and tips fro you to see if the work, remember not everybody's capacity is the same,so be careful with that, maybe some of this things work for me but they may not work for you.

Further ado, ehre they are. Enjoy yourself!

-wipe tissue
-bb cream
-sun protector
-post it notes
-pen & pencils
-washi tape
-Water jar

All of these products i got them form Walmart and some other from stores in my local mall, Ido not wear make up that is why i do not include some and I may be getting a moustrizer soon :)

As i said before I feel like sharing some of the stuff that work for my, here my organizationa dn study tips for you...

I always use my highlighters to know what the important things are, but I do not only use that I also try to include colors as highlighter and my notebook kind of looks like a rainbow salad, but as a I am a visual learner I can study better this way.

I am not an agenda kind of, but I love to-do lists and maybe it is kind of the same but in a little version and that is how i prefer and I guess I get things done quicklier.

When studying I have to be eating maybe because I am nervous or hipe but i need it,even i am not studying but taking classes I am eating (ahaha) food is real love to me.But remember to eat some healthy snacks not junkie.

Taking notes, such a hard thing when your teacher speaks faster than bold does when he runs, I ahve experienced that so I am with you sister/brother. I know it is kind of difficult to take it when teachers are that way, so what you can do is write down the main idea, something a teacher taught me last year is to first listen to what the teacher is explaining and then write it, that way your brain can process it better.

Please do not be afraid to think your questions are out of place or silly, because they are not! Many times we are  afraid of asking because what others think but the thing is we do not want to have that doubt all the time so we better ask the teacher. In my university there are some tutors for the group and we can ask them if we are afraid of asking the teacher, so maybe you can do thta if you have a tutor or a friend who understand the topic better than you do. Just do not be afraid to ask even the littlest question.

So this is all my dear people, jope you enjoy it and can take one of this tips, share with me if you do.

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