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All of us have memories,sometimes some of them are good enough to bring a smile on our faces and some may hurt as hell, but everything about memories have something that really catch my attention and it is the fact you can go back in time.

Since I can remember I used to keep things for me,could be anything but I have always liked the idea, someday you will want to open those momeries and remember how it felt, how it was and evertyhitng in general. One if these days I was watching Youtube (as always)and I found a video about a memory box which remind me I own one. So I said why not sharing my memory box with you? and share some moments from my little  life and memories that no one can erase.

I found that memories can be in your heart as well in your mind, some of the memories I keep are phisical and some others are just in my mind as beautiful ones, I took the time to snap some pictures from my memo box, some of them may seem like wth? but we all have different stuff to share with the world, my favourite one can be my diaries, one of this days I was reading one of them and I realized how my way of thinking was, it actually brought tears to my eyes because of the way I wrote it and it was so sentimental I decided to write on few pages other stuff and realized I am kind of different nowadays; my new version.Another one I do like is my rose it is like 2 years having it with me, it was the first rose I received from a loved one on women's day it was yellow and beautiful. 

My other favourites are my toys, they are just part of the gang of toys I owned and are lost now, my first toy was a power ranger it was the red one I do not have it with me anymore but looking through those make laugh at my toys because I am a girl but since ever I've always prefered male toys they are more interesting, I guess?

So this are some of the few phisical memories I own, there are more and i wish I could present them but as I said before they are in mi mind.
What about you? Got any beautiful moments you want to share?


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