My top five daily inspiration.

6:59 PM

INSPIRATION, something many poeple look
for and few find it. I have found mine so I thought why no share it?. So here it is, my top five. Enojy!

I have always loved colours but last year I discovered I love but truly like love love painting, it just a relief for me, I can be so stresses because of homework and other stuff, but when I take my paint-brush and my paints I discover a new world I opne doors I cannot with a key, painting has become my bes friend I can paint whatever I want and no one will ever argue with that as one of my favourite artist said once "The world doesn't make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?"
That is one of he main reasons why I deeply love it, because that is the only way I feel, express myself, because let's be honest no one will always like you the way you want to, but there will always be somehing you will feel like the love of your life, something that will always be your sunshine even in the darkest.

2. Stars
They are there, they have always been. Since last year when I finished last period at the university and I had more free time I always woke up in the middle of the night and laid down on my back yard  staring at the sky and how amazing it is o see such a beautiful scenary, stars are the only thing never changes, there can be wars, marriage, divorce, death, happiness and anything can happen but they never change. That is what makes me feel inspired,their shine.

Have you ever asked yourself how it is possible to fall deeply in love for something incredible? I always do, since I remember sunsets have always brought the best of me, in a way some things cannot, it is just the mix of colours; pinks and oranges and purples is just some of he most fascinating hings I have ever seen in my little life, so why not include it on my top five?.The fact is, sunsets mean a day is left behind and another one is waiting.

Reading is scaping without scaping, since I was in kinder garten I remember my teacher reading stories for us and i found it so fun and interesting, but guess what...I could not read, I learnt how to do it until the age of six that was my 1st grade and I remember I loved reading a children book with lot of doodles and since then I have always reading even those little articles on the web, I am a believer somethings are better when you have a good book and a cup of coffee/tea.

Playing my favourite playlist on Spotify or listening to others creations on Soundcloud is something I always love doing, e.g right now I am listening to my playlist while writing and it is inspiring me to continue  but i got to finish, ha! So, Something about music is its magic, it can lift you up so quick and that is why is one of my inspiration.

Hope you liked it, if you have something that you feel inspired by, feel free to share and if you want to follow me/my playlists, just do it.


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