A letter to my future self.

5:18 PM

Dear Josselyn.

Hi, hope you are okay. it's been a long long time since you became a blogger.Many things might had happened and that is okay but I wan t to tell you how things are now.

Today is Thursday 30th, July, 2015 and you are 18 year old, sat on a chair near you favourite window in your favourite place in, you just woke up (what  a shame) but that is you; a lazy and colourful girl. You are in your second year at the university about to start your fourth semester, what a thing! you love going to study but what you love the most is the fact you have amazing people around you who are lovely and friendly to you. You are taking difficult subjects this semester and you are expecting to get them all, Karen is going to be with you in all your classes, she is one of your favourite friends and she always makes fun of you for being so colourful and silly, she got it! You failed mathematics I and you feel awful about it and that is why you dont like it that much but it is a failure that becomes a lecture and now that you learnt it you know how to do it next time, your favourite subject until today has been marketing I and it is not just because it is mktng but because it makes you feel free to do waht you feel you have to do, creativity flows in that class.
You study in the morning and get home at nooon, in the afternoon you love watching YouTube videos or reading blog articles such as The wonder forest so you can improve.When your mom arrives at around 4 pm you feel happy because you know she is going to get something to eat, your favourite snack are nuegados you love it a lot as much as you love mango popsicles, later that day you go to church and you like it because you feel you need it, God is always with you so  you have to give back. When the night comes you love talking to your sister she has become you best friend you both know each other very well even in the past you were enemies now you are not anymore she  makes you laugh in your worst, she is really something else; your brother always comes to your room to bother you and he always says he loves your bed beccause it is cozy ( which in fact is true) you get to sleep around 10 pm because it is hot at night and you always play your favourite playist on SoundCloud, then it is almost always the same routine but you like it, a lot.

You thank God for: family, friends,people in general, painting, spaguetti and for being alive.

You adore/like/love: Colours, shapes,painting,blogging, designing, reading, eating and sleeping.

You dislike: baking cookies, because you burn them and they taste not so good.

I do hope you are still the same dear, many things can happen in this way but remember always; STAY YOU, STAY GOLD, STAY BEAUTIFUL.

Yours truly. Josselyn from the past.

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