Why I decided blogging.

8:01 PM

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I remember when I was a little child I used to lcreate my own tales, I used to own a little notebook I had from kinder garten and I wrote about five sotories on my days, when I first went to first grade at school my uncle said he will give me a little gift, I never thought i was going to get one of the things i love the most, diaries.

Since then I remember loving that little nottebook which I still have and writing on it was my relief, since that diary i have always owned one i still have and that is why I decided blogging. Not because I want a diary or this is going to be one, no, it is because i discovered one of the most exciting things i can do daily without getting bored, is writting.

When you find something you are really into, you can not get enought of it, because it might be you rescue or your scape. So that was the thing that saved me for almost two years and I believe it still does. And it sounds crazy but writting is just part of me.

So I took the plunge, and I know there are more stuff to change but I will give it a try even if it does not work I will still be on my feet because if you never try something you want to, you will never ever know, and I want to know how it goes.


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4 comentarios

  1. [ Smiles ] Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

    1. Thank you so so much, this really made my day, thanks!
      Happy night.
      Share it if you want to help.
      xoxo -Josselyn

  2. You're perfect writing, do not stop, believe in yourself and go far! I'm new at this, you know what I mean. Kisses.

    1. My lovely Yormi of course I know and i really appreciate the time you took to write this!